Recreation Advisory Team


  • TBA
  • Solon Community Center
These meetings are open to the public.


  • Brian Fitzpatrick
  • Shannon Hansel
  • Brock Reed
  • Matt Anson
  • Patrick Alvord
  • Lynn Rose
  • Melissa Tiedemann
  • Kalli Smith

Duties & Responsibilities

                1.    The Advisory Team shall meet and make recommendations for the development of the       
                       recreation areas, facilities, activities and programs to the City Council.
                2.   The Advisory Team shall recommend rules, regulations and fees for the use of the City’s
                        recreation areas and facilities with approval by the City Council.  Such rules may be posted near the entrances of the facilities. 

                3.   The Advisory Team shall regularly evaluate current programs, activities and 
                        facilities to ensure that programs provide an enhanced experience to Solon 
                        Community residents.    

                4.  The Advisory Team will work with the Recreation Coordinator to develop a     
                     proposed fiscal year budget for recreation programs and facility enhancement. The 
                     Recreation Coordinator will bring budget recommendations to the City Council.

                5.  The Advisory Team will focus on creating a self-supporting recreational department.
                6.  Special Committees may be created to assist with special projects and shall make     
                     recommendations with final approval by the City Council.