Library Board of Trustees


These meetings are open to the public.


The duties of the Library Board include the following:
  • Having charge, control, and supervision of the library
  • Directing and controlling all affairs of the library
  • Hiring/discharging the librarian
  • Making purchases within the budgetary limits set by the Library Board
  • Authorizing the uses of the library by non-residents and charging a fee for such use
  • Making, adopting, amending, modifying, or repealing rules and regulations for the care, use, government, and management of the library
  • Having exclusive control of the expenditure of all funds allocated for library purposes by the Council
  • Having exclusive control of all moneys available by gift or otherwise for the erection of library buildings
  • Having exclusive control of all other moneys belonging to the library including fines and rentals collected
  • Accepting gifts (less than $1,000) and expending funds received as such; enforcing the performance of gifts and donations
  • Keeping record of the Library Board's proceedings
For gifts exceeding $1,000, the Library Board administers the gift subject to Council approval. The Library Board also has the power to contract with other libraries.

Proposed Budget

The Library Board submits a proposed budget for City Council approval. They are responsible for administering revenues and expenditures of their budget, as set by the City Council. The Library Board does hire their own employees, although paid through the city. They set the wages for those employees, within the confines of their budget.

Protection Against Censorship

Library Boards are unique, in that they were established as a safeguard to protect against censorship. There is no other board, commission, employee, or elected official that may overrule the type of materials purchased or the type of programming selected by the Library Board, so long as they are provided within the allowance of the budget or through donations. Additionally, so long as Fair Labor Standards Act and other state and federal employment regulations are adhered to, the library staff are hired, discharged, and managed at the discretion of the Library Board (again, within the confines of the budget).