Parks & Recreation Commission


  • 6:30 p.m.
  • The 2nd Thursday of each month
  • S0lon City Hall
    101 N Iowa Street
    Solon, IA 52333
These meetings are open to the public.


  • Brian Fitzpatrick, Chairperson
  • Kelsey Bumsted
  • Shannon Hansel
  • Brock Reed
  • Shanna Schmidt
  • Wendy Wears

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of the Parks and Recreation Commission include overseeing the equipment, maintenance and conduct of playgrounds, parks, and recreation centers owned and under the control of the city. The Parks and Recreation (P&R) Commission is also in charge of coordinating and implementing programs such as community movies, swimming lessons, adult exercise classes, and youth activities.

The P&R Commission submits a proposed budget for City Council approval. They are responsible for administering revenues and expenditures of their budget, as set by the City Council. The P&R Commission does hire employees for some of their programs with approval by the City Administrator. They set the wages for those employees, as approved by the City Administrator and within the confines of their budget.