Baseball / Softball


  • Senior baseball - 7th and 8th grade (current grade)
  • Major youth baseball and softball - 5th-6th grade (current grade)
  • Minor youth baseball and softball - 3rd Grade - 4th Grade (current grade)
  • Rookie baseball and softball (Coach Pitch) - 1st & 2nd Grade and kindergarteners who've already played 2 years of tee-ball (current grade)


Senior baseball and Minor/Major youth baseball and softball registration runs February 9 - March 23rd. Put down your child's current grade when registering.
3rd-6th Grade (Major/Minor) Baseball/Softball 2018 registration form
7th-8th (Senior) Baseball 2018 registration form

Rookie (i.e. Coach Pitch) baseball and softball registration: typically begins the first Friday in April.

Game Schedule

Senior and Minor/Major baseball and softball teams play around 12 regular season games and a tournament against out of town teams. Senior baseball games can be on Monday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday nights. Minor baseball/softball games are on Monday and/or Wednesday nights. Major baseball/softball games are on Tuesday and/or Thursday nights. Senior baseball games typically start the 1st week in May, while Minor/Major baseball and softball games usually start in the middle of May. All levels continue through June. The Senior baseball tournament is in North Liberty during the last week in June. The Minor/Major baseball and softball tournaments are 1 day tourneys on a Saturday in June. Locations TBA.

Rookie baseball and softball teams play 10 games against other Solon teams. Games typically begin the 3rd week in May and continue for 5-6 weeks, with each team playing twice a week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Practice Schedules

Practice dates and times are determined by the coaches during or shortly after the coaches meeting. Senior baseball and Major/Minor baseball/softball practices will start the 1st or 2nd week in April. Rookie baseball and softball practices usually start the 2nd week in May.

Coaches Meeting

Senior baseball and Major/Minor baseball/softball coaches meeting on Wednesday, March 28th @ 6:30pm in Rec office (223 S. Iowa St.--brick building north of former Solon Middle School)


Program Solon residents (within city limits)
Non-residents (outside city limits)
Junior and Senior Baseball and Softball
Rookie Baseball and Softball
$38 $43